Seemore is a highly innovative company with forming a complete hardware and software solutions. We specialize in highly advanced solutions associated with augmented reality by creating things not previously existing in the market.

At Seemore we look into a future where equipment provides motorcycle riders with all the information they need, warns of threats and improves their space orientation. It gives them freedom wherever they are and lets them fully enjoy the ride, while offering a sense of security and comfort.

Wojciech Trelak

Co-founder, CTO.

Wojciech has 15 years of experience in designing and programming of computer systems. He specializes in enterprise solutions for the automotive industry elating to telematics and sales processes. Above that Wojciech has created telehealth systems and mobile applications for patients. Wojciech is a graduate of Wroclaw University of Technology and of Staffordshire University.

Grzegorz Palmer

Co-founder, Seemore CEO.
Co-creator of technical solutions.

Experienced programmer, engineer and entrepreneur, leading his own company for over 10 years. In the past he worked on projects in the medical (processing of CT scans) and automotive industries. He designs and creates factory production and ordering systems. Graduate of Opole University of Technology and University of Valentia.